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Welcome to Dive Into Japan!

Hello and welcome to DiveIntoJapan!

Dive Into Japan is a place where you will find tons of information about Japan, from how to prepare for the voyage, to the most magnificent places to visit.

The way we will differentiate ourselves from other websites about Japan is that we do not intend to only write about popular locations, but also about lesser known, yet beautiful areas. There are literally thousands of obscure temples and shrines with no information in English, and many with very little information in Japanese. We believe that these interesting places with their own story and history deserve to be shared, and known not only by the locals, but by everyone who plans on traveling there.

Aside from information about festivals, shrines, temples, or gardens, we will also create pages and articles for people who want to study or work in Japan. We will strive to create the largest online database about Japan.

Enjoy your stay on DiveIntoJapan, as well as wherever you will go in Japan!

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