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The Gion Matsuri and Other Pages

Hi and welcome to the second bi-monthly update.

We have added a number of pages again, and tweaked a little bit the design once more. Pictures should also load significantly faster, without losing too much quality.

A page about Festivals in Japan has been added, and the notable Gion Festival, or Gion Matsuri, in Kyoto, is the first one to have a complete page. You will find not only information about the festival, but also a complete time table with pictures. The Aoi Matsuri, as well as the Jidai Matsuri will be added later.

A new Aquarium page has also been added, as well as a FAQ for Japan, as well as a FAQ about this website for any questions you may have concerning why we decided to do things like so or so.

The Help page has also been redesigned in such way that you can use the left menu (or first menu popping up on mobile) to see the most important information first. We hope this will help you in case of a real emergency. And a Tsunami page has also been added.

Other than that, we have a functioning Error 404 page, as well as a working search function.

That’s about it for this update. Enjoy the site, and unless another blog post is made, the next update shall be made around February 15.

See you then!

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