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Japanese Language Small Update

Welcome to the fourth bi-monthly update!

This time, we don’t have as much as last time – which was our biggest update as of yet! – but there are still a few new pages.

First of all, we improved the website’s design so that people who are using a tablet or their mobile phone can navigate more easily. There may be a few small bugs to fix, which we hope will be done before the next update.

As for the pages, we added some pages in Culture, and created a new sub-category called Learn About Japan, which you can find clicking on Going to Japan.

In this new category you will find the Culturepage – since it is most fitting there – as well as a few new pages, such as the Language page, introducing you to the Japanese language. This again has several sub-pages going into more detail about Hiragana and Katakana, with other pages like kanji, honorifics,and many more to be added later on!

And last but not least: we are now on Social Media! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to check us out, and follow us, as we’ll be posting many new things!

Enjoy DiveIntoJapan, and see you around 15 March for the last update for the winter.

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