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First Spring update

Welcome to the first spring update! From now on we will post monthly updates instead of bi-monthly updates.

First of all, we have expanded the Language page with two new topics: gairaigo and wasei-eigo.

We have also created many new pages in the Tourism section, with one new section called Accommodation, which has two new pages: Airbnb and hotels. There you will find more information about Airbnb in Japan, as well as many different types of hotels. This last section will be expanded later with individual pages for each different type of hotel.

Then we have the Activities section, where we added a new page called Shopping, with three sub-pages: Vending Machines, Convenience Stores, and Gift Shops. The Shopping page can also be accessed via the Going to Japan main page.

You can expect to have a new update around 1 May. See you then.

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