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Last Update of Spring 2019

Welcome to the last update before the summer begins! A lot of pages have been updated, and new pages have been created.

The History Page has been completed as far as the basic periods go with an addition of the Meiji Era and the Taisho Era in Modern Japan, and the Heisei Era and Reiwa Era in Contemporary Japan.

We also added a Japanese Calendar Conversion Page so that you can easily see the Gregorian year equivalent of the Japanese era name. For now there are five sub-pages (Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, Reiwa) which show the era year up until its 100th year in case you need to find out.

Then there is a new Sports page with Kemari, Kyudo, and Yabusame. The Yukata page has also been added to Culture.

And finally we added a page that will give more information about the various Food and Drinks in Japan. Here’s the current list that will be expanded later:

You can expect many more pages to be created and updated for next month. See you again in July, and make sure you follow us on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)!

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