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First Summer Update July 2019

Welcome to the July 2019 Update!

This time we have created new pages that deal with the legal aspect of Japan. There is a new Visa and Immigration Page where you can find a list of all available types of visa. While not every page have been created yet, we are actively working on it. For the moment being, you will see a small description for the pages that are being worked on.

As for the visa pages that have already been created, you can find information concerning the documents needed for specific visa, as well as frequently asked questions, and more information about some legal documents. Here is the current list:

Student Visa

Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa

Working Visa

Permanent Residency Visa

Why Was My Visa Declined?

Difference Between Spouse and Permanent Visa?

Visa Photo Requirements

Passport Validity

Certificate of Eligibility

Letter of Guarantee

Residence Card

Permanent Visa Qualifications

We also updated the Gion Matsuri page so make sure to check that too!

We are constantly updating old pages and adding new pages, and you can expect a lot more for next month! See you then!

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