About DiveIntoJapan

Welcome to DiveIntoJapan. A place where you can learn, explore, and enjoy all kinds of information about Japan.

DiveIntoJapan is a site where you will find any and every information about Japan, to make you dive into the Japanese culture! While there might not be much at the moment, I will try to write daily blogs and informative pages.

My main focus for the start will be on the cultural aspect of Japan, whether it is about a temple, a festival, or even Japanese food.

Later on, I intend to create an extensive guide for tourism, working, and living in Japan, as well as trivial and legal information. Uploading occasional videos on YouTube to facilitate the understanding of some things is also on my list! There is so much to do, so it will be done little by little.

Hopefully this website / blog will be helpful, and make your stay here, how long may it be, as laid-back and pleasant as possible! Feel free to leave comments, and enjoy Japan to the fullest!