Japanese Festivals

Japan is very well known for its many traditional festivals. It is estimated that here are at least 100,000 festival throughout Japan.

Although it is impossible to list them all, you can find a list of some of them below.

Kyoto Prefecture

Originating from more than 1000 years ago, the Gion Matsuri is the biggest festival in Kyoto. Although the main festival only lasts a couple of days in mid-July, the construction and festivities last for the entirety of the month of July.

Aoi Matsuri

Aoi Matsuri, or Hollyhock Festival, is one of the major festivals of Kyoto, and is held on 15 May. The parade starts in the Imperial Park, goes through the Shimogamo Shrine, and ends at the Kamigamo Shrine.

Tokushima Prefecture

Awa Dance Festival

The Awa Dance Festival is part of the Obon Festival. This festival lasts for three days, and is known to be the largest dance festival in Japan.