Culture Day

Culture Day, or Bunka no Hi (文化の日), is a national holiday held on November 3. This holiday’s current purpose is to promote the Japanese culture, as well as its various arts. Various festivities such as art exhibitions and award ceremonies for artists and scholars are held on Culture Day.

The most famous and prestigious of such ceremonies is the award ceremony for the Order of Culture. This order is awarded at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo by the Emperor in person to men and women who contributed to anything related to culture, such as literature, art, science, technology, etc…

While Culture Day was first implemented in 1948 in order to commemorate the post-war announcement of the Japanese Constitution, it wasn’t the first holiday to be celebrated on November 3. Before that, November 3 used to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Meiji from 1868 to 1927, and was called Tencho-Setsu.

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