Golden Week

The Golden Week is a week of holidays that starts at the end of April and ends in early May.

The first day of the Golden Week is April 29th and is called Showa Day, where the Japanese celebrate the birthday of Emperor Showa (Hirohito). The next holiday is May 3rd which is Constitution Memorial Day, followed by Greenery Day on May 5th, and Children’s Day on May 6th .

Many recreational industries benefited from a revenue spike after the holidays of the Golden Week were first implemented in 1948. One of those was the the movie industry, and in particular the 1951 movie called “Jiyu Gakko”. This movie had record ticket sales during that holiday week compared to other days and even holidays during the year. Because of that, that holiday week got called “Golden Week”, based on the “golden time” experienced in radio shows in Japan at the time, where “golden time” means a time slot with higher listener ratings.

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