Trees have started to bloom

The warmth of spring has finally come after the last few weeks of cold. This weekend has been especially warm here in Kyoto with temperatures rising up to 21 degrees Celcius (70F)!

Blooming Japanese plum Ume trees
A lone Japanese plum tree in the Imperial Gardens

As to be expected with such a gentle temperature, the Imperial Palace of Kyoto has seen different buds open and bloom beautifully. Trees such as the  Japanese allspice, also known as wintersweet, as well as the Japanese Plum trees Ume were the first to flourish.

Japanese allspice’s blooming flowers

Both the Japanese allspice and Ume trees produce a wonderful fragrance, not only within the park but also around it. A delicious scent of spring can be smelled before even entering the park. This peculiar smell is the result of the many plants and trees within the park turning green and flourishing again after the cold. This aroma changes when a new tree starts to bloom, giving you another reason to go and wander around the Imperial Palace once again.

Japanese plum tree buds
Plum tree starting to bloom
White plum tree’s buds
White plum fully bloomed

As for now, the sakura trees will start to bloom around March 21, together with the peach trees Momo no ki. But at that time, you will definitely be able to enjoy the beautiful pink cherry blossom all around Kyoto!

Japanese allspice