Japanese Holidays Page

Hello everyone!

This website has been updated with a new design, and new pages! I am currently working on finishing the Special Days of Japan first before continuing to do anything else.

There were only two pages made, one for Girl’s Day, the other for White Day. But I’ve updated it and added four new pages which you can find below:

March 20, Vernal Equinox Day
April 29, Showa Day
May 3, Constitution Memorial Day
May 4, Greenery Day

From now on, I will add a few days on the Special Days page every day, until it is complete. Once this is done, I will start working on the Discover section of the website, adding information about every prefecture of Japan.

An informative page the meaning of each prefecture’s flag will also be added. I’m sure vexillologist will be very pleased with that! Finding flags and vexillology very interesting myself, I will try to add as much information about the many flags of Japan, and perhaps create a special section just about Japanese flags later on. This will, of course, depend on the amount of information and pages created about the subject.

Anyway, you can expect to have more updates from now on.

Make sure to follow me on different social medias listed below, and see you later with a new update!