Gion Matsuri and Weekly Updates

Hi everyone.

It’s been quite some time since the last post, but that doesn’t mean this website hasn’t been worked on. Its design is now what I would call completed for the moment. I’ve added a number of pages, and works are in place for other pages, notably the Gion Festival, or Gion Matsuri, in Kyoto.

The Gion Festival is one of the three big events in Kyoto, and requires a lot of research, and many pictures. It may take one or two more days before this page is completely done. As soon as it’s done, it will be linked on this post below, as well as featured on the front page of this website.

From now on, big changes will be in place. Soon, there will be a blogpost explaining the updates made on this website once a week. This weekly update will make it easier for the users to understand how much work there has been done in a certain week, and it will make it simpler to navigate to those new pages.

Another big change will be on social media. No updates have been posted for a long time because this website was still heavily under construction. Fortunately, thanks to the Gion Festival and other activities in Japan, I will post new pictures there every day from now on.

So stay tuned, and be sure to follow DiveIntoJapan!