Accomodation in Japan



Japan has many different types of hotels: from the narrow and cheap capsule hotels to the luxurious types you can find anywhere in the world. You can expect quality from most hotels here. Usually you will have a western type room in most hotels, but some do have Japanese type or even mixed rooms with both beds and futon.

Types of Hotels

Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels (カプセルホテル) are one of the cheapest that exist in Japan. They are usually small, cramped, and have common toilet and bathrooms. Capsule hotels will provide you with the most basic of accommodations, where you room looks like a coffin put inside the wall. Depending on the place, you are likely to hear your neighbors noises during the night since one hallway will have many capsules. You can find them in any major city, as well as in some smaller cities. Even in the dead center of the city the prices will be relatively cheap, costing around 2,000 ~ 4,000 Yen per night.

Business Hotels

Business hotels (ビジネスホテル) are meant for businessmen who need a small, but relatively comfortable place to stay. These hotels will usually have a single or semi-double bed, with a desk, television, and bathroom. Although rooms with double or twin beds are also available, these rooms are pretty small, but still comfortable enough for business trips.

Vending machines containing alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes are a common sight. Laundry machines can also be found at certain floors of the hotel for people who stay for an extended period of time or need to do their laundry.

These hotels are more often than not situated near train or bus stations, and taxis can be easily found nearby.

Love Hotels

Love hotels (ラブホテル) are short-stay hotels that are primarily meant for sexual activities. The rooms can be rented by the hour or by the day. It is not uncommon for tourists to mistakenly book a room in such hotels due to their low prices, only to find out at their arrival. Indeed, unlike conventional hotels, love hotels have various services.

Rooms can have different themes depending on one’s liking and activity of choice, and various sex toys are often free to use. It is also possible to buy additional things from special vending machines. Some love hotels will even go as far as to put a black plate in front of their guests’ car’s number plates for an extra touch of privacy.

Ryokan (inn)

A Ryokan (旅館) is a traditional Japanese inn. The rooms will have tatami-mats with futon to sleep in, with communal bathrooms. Guests will usually be able to wear yukata to walk around. Some ryokan may have an onsen to bath in. Breakfast comports typically traditional Japanese food: rice, miso soup, some vegetables and fish.

Normal hotels

For average hotels in Japan, there are three types of rooms: Western style, Japanese style, and a mix of both. The mixed rooms will have one or two beds, with a tatami room nearby where futons are already set to sleep. Such hotels will have at least one restaurant, and sometimes even a small shop. If there are no shops, you will normally be able to find a convenience store or some other type of shop nearby. Vending machines should also be available.

Luxury hotels

As for in any country, luxury hotels can be found in every major and many minor Japanese cities. Depending on the room type and location, prices can go from a few tens of thousands of yens up to around one million yen per night. These places will have a variety of services: massage, pool, gym, restaurants, shops, etc…