Emergency Phone Numbers

Crime or accident
📞 110 Emergency call to the police to report a crime or accident
📞 #7110 If you need to contact the police but your case is not an emergency
📞 #9910 Road Emergency number to report dangerous objects or any other abnormalities on the road or highway

Road Service (JAF)
📞 #8139 or 📞 0570-00-8139 to contact the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) to provide road assistance in case your vehicle breaks down. Click here to go to the official website of the JAF for more information.

Ambulance or firefighters
📞 119 In case you need an ambulance, firefighters, or an emergency rescue
📞 #7119 In case you are unsure if you need an ambulance or not

Coastal emergency
📞 118 Emergency call to the Japan Coast Guard to report a crime or accident at sea

Child Abuse
📞 189 To report any form of child abuse

Other Useful Phone Numbers

📞 104 Directory assistance
📞 116 General inquiries
📞 117 Time-teller

Every emergency telephone numbers are accessible from landline phones, mobile phones, as well as public phones free of charge.