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Popular Visas

Student Visa

For people who want to study in Japan in a language school, college, pre-college, etc...​

Working Visa

For people who want to work in Japan. This includes jobs such as professors, journalists, engineers, etc...​

Spouse Visa

For the spouse or children of a Japanese National, or the spouse of a permanent resident.

Permanent Residence Visa

For people who want to stay in Japan permanently or for a long period of time.

Other Types of Visa


For people who want to perform cultural activities in Japan such as studying the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc...​


For people who want to stay in Japan with a foreign national family member with a valid visa such as, for example, a working visa.​

Designated Activities

For people who want to stay for an extended period of time (sightseeing or recreational activities), or for personal help of diplomats, working holidays, etc...


For members of a diplomatic mission such as diplomatic agents, diplomatic couriers, etc..


This visa is for actors, sportspeople, musicians, fashion models, etc..

Highly Skilled Professional

For highly-skilled professionals (according to the Points System), or dependents of a highly skilled foreign professional, etc...

Intra-company Transferee

For employees who will be transferred from their office to the Japanese office branch of their company.

Long-term Resident

For people who stayed in Japan for a certain number of years, and will continue to stay in Japan permanently, or for a long period of time.​

Medical Visa

For foreign patients who need to come to Japan for medical reasons. The accompanying person(s) can also get this visa.


For the staff of diplomatic missions, members of the service staff, etc...

Skilled Labor

For foreigners who have a specific skill such as specialized chefs, sommeliers, pilots, sports trainers, etc...

Technical Intern Training

For technical interns in training.

Tourist Visa

For foreign tourists who do not live in a visa-exempt country.


For people who are trainees such as in a local government, etc...

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