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Working Visa

The Working Visa (就業ビザ) is for people who want to work or stay for a long period in Japan. This visa is meant for the following types of activities: Accounting / Legal Services, Artist, Business Manager, Engineer / International Services / Specialist in Humanities, Instructor, Journalist, Medical Services, Professor, Religious Activities, or Researcher. Note that depending on the activity there are other types of visa that may be more appropriate for you. See “other types of visa” on the visa page for more information.

The periods of stay you can choose from are: 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 4 months (only for Business manager), or 3 months.

What documents do you need?

1. A valid passport

2. A recent photo (two for Russia, CIS countries, or Georgia nationals)

3. One visa application form (two for Russia, CIS countries, or Georgia nationals)

4. The original Certificate of Eligibility and a copy

Is my visa still valid if I change jobs?

Your Working Visa is valid until its expiration date, only if the next job you perform falls under the same category as your initial visa. For example, if you received a Working Visa as a professor, you cannot use this visa to perform Religious Services. You will need to apply for a change of visa status in order to do that. You also need to notify the Immigration within 14 days of leaving your previous workplace or changed jobs.

Note that your visa can be revoked by the Immigration Office if you do not find a job within 3 months of leaving your previous workplace. They may give you more time to find a new job in certain cases but it is better to find a new job as soon as possible.

If your visa get revoked, you will have to leave the country. This 3-month limit does not apply to people who quit their jobs under other types of visa such as a Spouse Visa or Permanent Visa.

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